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We are so grateful for our leadership team, volunteers, and dedicated supporters who have helped us impact so many lives. Without you Mustard Seed Project would not thrive!

Our Community at Work

Volunteer Service Navigation

Starting out with a budget of $5200, since its establishment in June 2019, our VSN program has had 90 clients, 80 of whom have graduated and received the help they needed to get their life back on track. These includes resume-building, referrals to community resources, and applications aid. As of now, we have a total of 23 trained case navigators working with clients.

San Diego Convention Center shelter

In December of 2020, Mustard Seed Project created a petition on urging the San Diego Housing Commission to keep the Convention Center Homeless Shelter open past winter. The petition had garnered over 120k signatures and victory in extending the closing date of the shelter up to end of March 2021.

Community Relief Fund

Thanks to our supporters and volunteers, we've been able to allocate $7726 of the CRF to help 14 individuals. These funds are used to offer individuals in emergencies a brief reprieve from day-to-day survival, so they may better focus on getting their lives back on track.

COVID Relief

In April, Mustard Seed Project raised $3,355 on GoFundMe to assemble 400 care packages that included: A reusable tote bag for personal items, fleece blanket, granola bars, soap bottle, razors and Shaving cream, socks, multi-function scarf (mask alternative), and a personally-typed letter. In addition, in a concerted effort of all three chapters, we gathered all available resources from Riverside and San Diego for those without shelter from the virus.

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Community Service

Mustard Seed Project volunteers work with other organizations in the community to help combat chronic homelessness. These organizations are Gumbo, Path of Life Shelter in Riverside, God's Extended Hand in San Diego, the Church of Nazarene, and Humble Design San Diego.

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Video Content

Tune in to find out more about the state of Mustard Seed Project's mission, as well as learn new things about homelessness through one of our many workshops to come.


Mustard Seed Project strives to cover the most eventful news in the community regarding the state of homelessness. Read our post about the San Diego Convention Shelter.

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