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Hand in Hand for the Holidays

Happy Holidays! This year celebrate the holidays with Mustard Seed Project. From November 29th to December 19th, MSP will be building up our local communities through volunteer service and financial assistance to our neighbors in need. In order to make the holidays joyful for everyone, we need your help!Β We invite you to join us, hand in hand, to do more for our unhoused and low-income community. MSP is committed to providing not a quick fix handout, but to really make an impact by fostering deep connections with those who need our help. Change lives today by joining us on this holiday campaign focused on building community! Whether you are a business or single person, we have options to engage all this holiday season for the good of our community!

Lend Our Neighbors a Hand!

One of the most impactful ways MSP supports our neighbors in need is through our Volunteer Service Navigation (VSN) program. In this program, unhoused individuals are partnered with one of our trained Volunteer Service Navigators. Together, we work to accomplish the personal goals of the unhoused individual while building a reliable source of support. VSN’s are able to assist with anything from resume building, job searching, house hunting, and/or basic necessities.

This year we would like to introduce you to some of our clients in the program. Please consider making a donation today to help our unhoused and low-income clients receive financial assistance necessary for their journey of independence and self-reliance. Your donation directly changes the life of a client! Each block that receives full funding will reveal either a photo of the client or a quote from the client you supported. Also be sure to join our email list to read about the personal stories of these clients. All donations will also be thanked with a personal message about the person’s life you changed and how you can continue to follow their journey!

To donate simply click on a tile that you’d like to contribute to!Β 

Are you a business or corporation? We are also looking for MSP partners!

As our commitment to the community, we are searching for other community leaders to partner with for the end of the year and 2023. Our community partners make MSP possible! Partners commit to financially supporting MSP with an annual donation and an optional service event. If you would like to partner with MSP and get your team involved in the community, please email .

Community partners can choose to support MSP as a whole organization or dedicate their efforts towards one of our three major programs:

We are a grassroots-run and youth-led nonprofit dedicated to recruiting and training the leaders of tomorrow to end homelessness. Our local chapters recruit and train college students to directly serve unhoused individuals, educate the public, and take on significant leadership roles. Members also receive life-long personal and professional development areas such as public speaking, project management, teamwork, communication, and leadership.
We accept a select number of applicants who receive additional training to become a Volunteer Service Navigator (VSN). Each member is trained to provide motivational interviewing, trauma-informed care, information about government benefits, application assistance, and much more. Each VSN provides continuous one-on-one volunteer services to someone experiencing homelessness.
During relationship-based outreach, we provide those living on the streets with resource guides and basic needs such as food, clothing, water, and hygiene kits. For our trained and compassionate volunteers, relationship-based outreach is about pouring love and hope into our communities. We believe that this service is a unique opportunity to lend a listening ear and an open heart to someone in need.

Can't financially donate? Support us at our service event!

On December 19th, 2022, from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm, the Mustard Seed Project (MSP), in collaboration with Wagons of Hope (WOH) and Father Joe’s Villages, will hold a festive service event, β€œHand in Hand for the Holidays,” where the three organizations will provide unsheltered individuals with 300+ warm meals, 300+ pre-packaged lunches, clothing, blankets, information on community resources, and personal holiday letters written by MSP members. We’re expecting to see 30-40 MSP members at this event. The purpose is to create a wholesome time between students and our neighbors going through a tough time. We want to have conversations with folks out there, and if we can bring relief to their situation, whether financial or emotional, we will do so. MSP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit grassroots organization, led by students, attending schools such as UCSD and SDSU, fighting chronic homelessness through relationship-based outreach. Last year, MSP directed more than $18K to the financial needs of people experiencing homelessness, and this event will be the culmination of a 20-day fundraising campaign to continue that effort.