Hotline: (619) 494-2226

Our Story

Our team first gathered at UC Riverside’s library in the winter of 2017. We discussed how we were going to raise money to give assistance to our homeless veterans, families and children. We created and delivered custom care packages, equipped with a blanket, socks, hand wipes, shaving cream and razors, toothbrush and toothpaste, and a hand-written personal letter. We were biology, math, and music majors – with no prior experience with social services – but we wanted to make a difference. 

Mustard Seed Project is a 501(c)(3) grassroots nonprofit with hundreds of college student volunteers at UC San Diego, UC Riverside, and San Diego State University. Every week, our teams take to the streets to provide homeless individuals with basic needs and valuable information about community services. 

Our team of volunteer case managers are trained to utilize tools and best practices to work one-on-one with homeless individuals and connect clients from the streets to community-based organizations centered around job training, healthcare, and housing services. 

We partner with local shelters, churches, and businesses (Path of Life, God’s Extended Hand, etc.) to bring together coalitions of people passionate about social change to strengthen our communities. For individuals struggling with financial obstacles, physical and mental disabilities, substance use disorders, and personal hardships, we focus on creating a community for people to thrive. We provide individuals struggling with homelessness access to basic needs, case management services, and the hope, comfort, and motivation needed to achieve their goals. 

Your support, no matter how small, will impact someone’s life and support them through the first step out of a homeless situation. Without the support of the community, such as potential donors and volunteers like you, our organization would struggle to create the change for thousands of the homeless individuals who do not have the resources to get back on their feet alone.

Our Values

Respect: We put compassion and human dignity first, no matter sex, gender, disability, race, age, sexual preference, circumstance, and background.



Community: We emphasize an environment of trust and rapport with those we serve, as well as amongst our student volunteers.



Access: We commit to providing low-barrier and person-centered services that are both of quality and evidence-based.



Excellence: We strive for tangible and long-lasting positive change for all individuals that we serve.



Accountability: We hold ourselves at the highest standards in our services to help those vulnerable reach their full potential.