Hotline: (619) 494-2226

Mustard Seed Project offers 3 core programs that both empower students to make a positive change in their community while uplifting low-income and unhoused individuals or families. These 3 programs are our grassroots organization, relationship-based outreach, and volunteer service navigation.

Grassroots Organization

Mustard Seed Project is a grassroots-run and youth-led nonprofit dedicated to recruiting and training the leaders of tomorrow to end homelessness. Our local chapters recruit and train college students to directly serve unhoused individuals, educate the public, and take on significant leadership roles. While our MSP members give back to their community in such an impactful way, they also receive life-long personal and professional development areas such as public speaking, project management, teamwork, communication, and leadership.

Our local chapters provide a variety of services to the community including:ย 

  • Developing weekly programming such as food drives, campus-wide clothing drives, and homeless outreach
  • Hosting educational events to raise awareness to the public about homelessness and other intersecting issues such as the criminal justice, foster care, and welfare system.ย 
  • Recruiting and training new members to conduct services
  • Mobilizing and leading groups of volunteersย 

Relationship-Based Outreach

Relationship-Based Outreach is a critical component of our programming. Every week, MSP members receive a world-class education in compassion, respect, and empathy. During relationship-based outreach, we provide those living on the streets with resource guides and basic needs such as food, clothing, water, and hygiene kits. For our trained and compassionate volunteers, relationship-based outreach is about pouring love and hope into our communities. We believe that this service is a unique opportunity to lend a listening ear and an open heart to someone in need.ย 

Volunteer Service Navigation

At Mustard Seed Project, we accept a select number of applicants who receive additional training to become a Volunteer Service Navigator (VSN). These members are chosen for their dedication and experience serving our unhoused community. Each member is trained to provide motivational interviewing, trauma-informed care, information about government benefits, application assistance, and much more.ย 

Each VSN provides continuous one-on-one volunteer services to someone experiencing homelessness. Clients can enter or leave the program at any time and take an active role in creating their action plan. Our core services include:

  • Building a resume
  • Connection to Community Services and Programs
  • Application Assistanceย 
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • Access to Cash Assistanceย 


Clients can access services by signing up during one of the street outreach events, receiving a referral from our homeless services partners, or calling our hotline at (619) 494-2226.