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September Newsletter: "Rise Up" and Join Us for Our 5th Year of Service!

MSP's 4th Annual Collaborative 2021: "Eviction Prediction!"

MSP’s 4th Annual Collaborative: “Eviction Prediction!” turned out to be a great success! Even though this year’s conference was in a virtual setting, we couldn’t have anticipated a better outcome. With the company of our wonderful MSP members we were able to highlight our goals and accomplishments for the year, discuss the on going renter’s crisis, learn from our incredible guest speaker Antonio Smith (Case Manager for Family Health Centers), and collaborate during breakout room discussions to further develop our homeless outreach skills. We had an absolute blast virtually socializing with members from all MSP chapters and leadership! We would like to give a big shoutout and thank each and every one of you for your constant dedication, participation, and support for our mission at MSP. This organization would not be able to support our communities as well as we do without YOU!

September 2021: Volunteer Service Navigator Spotlight

This project is filled with exceedingly dedicated members who are ready to serve and advocate for our neighbors at-risk-of or experiencing homelessness. Our team has done an amazing job mobilizing and making our communities stronger.

Below are of the wonderful efforts some of our VSN’s have accomplished this month:

Member Spotlight: Khyri Jones

Khryri Jones is a current 3rd year at San Diego State University pursuing a bachelors in Social Work. Khryi first joined the project during her freshman year with an immediate desire to directly serve those facing homelessness. As the chapter was growing at SDSU, she was a very active member that often made others feel welcomed and included. Although she did not receive the position of Volunteer Service Navigator her first attempt, she not only received the spot with high remarks her second try but she became one of our best! Today, she currently is one of three undergraduates to have a spot on the mostly-alumni Leadership Team. Khryi, thank you for all that you have done to make Mustard Seed Project strong. We admire you compassion, leadership, and dedication!

Alumni Spotlight: James Yang

James Yang is a graduate of UC San Diego and currently pursuing his medical degree at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. He was first introduced to the project during a collaboration with another student organization, AED, to host a university clothing drive for our unhoused neighbors. When James joined MSP, he quickly became immersed in the organizations mission and eventually became a leader to introduce new volunteers to homeless outreach. We are so incredibly grateful to have such an intelligent, compassionate, and all-around amazing alumni of the project. James, best of luck in medical school, and we wish you all the success in the next chapter of your life. Wherever you are meant to be, you will bring joy to those around you.

September DIY Fundraiser

MSP’s September DIY fundraiser was a great success! Collectively we raised $1,847 of our $2,400 goal! MSP’s leadership team was split into 6 teams each with a goal of raising $400 in 30 days. Each team was given the freedom to choose their own DIY (Do It Yourself) project, craft, or action in order to raise funds while still having fun!

Here’s what each team did:

Team Bumblebee: Raised $670 by setting fundraising milestones to do actions live on social media including the Chubby bunny challenge (shoving as many marshmallows in your mouth as possible) after raising $50, drawing the MSP logo blindfolded after raising $100, taking a pie to the face after raising $150, doing the chicken dance in a public setting after raising $200, doing the cinnamon challenge after raising $300, and biting into a raw potato after raising $400. Additionally, Sun Lu gave League of Legends coaching with his expertise from the UCSD Collegiate Varsity Team for League of Legends to raise funds.

Team Swarm: Raised $511 by conducting a compliment challenge. Every person who donated received a compliment via video on social media.

Team Dandelion: Raised $442 by doing whip cream flips on social media for every donation.

Team Flyby: Raised $167 by using Instagram tools to share the campaign and raise awareness. Team lead, Adele, went on Instagram live and took on fun challenges where she fundraised $167 in one night!

Team Sting: Raised $57 by making decorative plant pots for and hanging macrame plant holders to sell. They covered shipping and material costs out of their own pockets and all proceeds they made were donated to this fundraiser.

Team Honey: Raised funds by offering Tarot Card readings through their “One Stop Witch Shop.” $3 for one card, $7 for three cards, $10 for five cards, $15 for a cord cutting spell, and $25 for birth chart readings.

The top fundraising individual this month is Erikka Linn who raised a total of $362 by doing whip flips! The top team was Team Bumblebee who raised a total of $670! We are beyond proud of the creativity and collective action of each and every team member this month.

erikka lin (team dandelion) crushing those whip flips!

Seti Akhavan (Team bumblebee) drawing the msp Logo Blindfolded and doing the chicken dance inside a busy trader joe’s!


Realiza Rodriguez, Khyri Jones, & Quoc Nguyen (Team Sting) made beautiful handmade pots and macramé hanging plant holders!

Get Ready for MSP's October Fundraiser!

Keep an eye out for our October fundraiser which will be in honor of World Homeless Day on 10/10. World Homeless Day “brings individuals together to find ways to change the lives of homeless people in their community. It’s also a time to draw attention to the needs of the homeless on a local level” (National Day Calendar). We hope to bring awareness to World Homeless Day by opening the conversation about the segment of society that we serve. Please join us in sharing the fundraiser so we can fund great programs like our street outreach and Community Relief Fund.

Thank you to our Supporters!

MSP would like to extend a big THANK YOU to our recurring donors Marco Spatzowick & An Nguyen! We would also like to thank the Johnson family for particularly making a generous impact on MSP this month. We cannot do what we do without our gracious supporters, so thank you for your donation and believing in our mission!


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Warm regards,
Mustard Seed Project