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November Newsletter

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Here at Mustard Seed Project, we strive for a world in which all individuals have the right to basic needs, comfort in their own personal safety, and opportunity to rise above their situation. We are a local nonprofit that trains qualified volunteers to provide personalized, trauma-informed services for individuals experiencing homelessness. Hundreds of volunteers have worked diligently and compassionately to make this project everything it is today!

Welcome our Policy Interns!

We finished our recruitment for our policy intern program! We want to share a warm welcome to Nirvana Pacheco from UC Riverside and Nicholas Valle from UC San Diego.

Nirvana & Nicholas will be helping us do some research on current events for our policy related educational posts. As Policy Interns, they will educate the public on topics such as the economic impacts of COVID-19 on homelessness, healthcare impacts, redlining, relevant propositions, and more!

Welcome our Policy Interns!

Last week we were able to witness one of our clients, Will, enter his new home that was fully furnished by Humble Design San Diego. Two of our very own service navigators, Marina & Jenny, worked with Will for one year under the wonderful leadership of or Director of Service Navigation, Hannah Rishik!

Will in his newly furnished home by Humble Design

Welcome Seedlings!

This quarter, our Director of Recruitment, Geetha Chandroth, has officially recruited two teams to start two new chapters at UC Irvine and UC Santa Barbara! Their boards are gearing up to launch into chapter operations in the Winter and are currently creating resource guides for Orange County and Santa Barbara areas! We are so excited to have these teams join our family! Here’s to a HUGE welcome to UCI and UCSB!

Our new chapters: UC Irvine and UC Santa Barabara

Chapter Fundraising Spotlight

This project is filled with exceedingly dedicated members who are ready to serve and advocate for our neighbors at-risk-of or experiencing homelessness. Our team has done an amazing job mobilizing and making our communities stronger.

Mustard Seed Project at UC Riverside created DARE boards as a fun way to fundraise! All proceeds went to the community relief fund which is used to help homeless individuals in the community with basic needs and rent! Check out their Instagram @msp_ucr under the highlight “Fundraiser” to watch them complete their dares!

Thank you to our Supporters!

We would like to give a BIG thank you to the supporters in our communities, including Whole Foods Market, for donating significant amounts to our Community Relief Fund and believing in our cause.

We would also like to send a major thank you to Sunita Sohrabji, who raised a little more than $1,200 in a span of six days for our Community Releif Fund. This fundraiser was her birthday.


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