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May Newsletter:"Rise Up" and Join Us for Our 5th Year of Service!

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Homelessness in California

On May 11, 2021 California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that as part of his $100 billion California Comeback Plan, there will be a $12 billion plan to address homelessness. This is a historic investment, the size of which has never been seen before in California or any other state. The plan includes investments in long-term affordable housing, a five year plan for ending family homelessness, and money towards addressing student homelessness at California public colleges/universities. There will be an additional $1.5 billion investment in city beautification, which will create approximately 15,000 jobs for people experiencing or exiting homelessness, at-risk youth, veterans, and formerly incarcerated individuals. In this plan, Newsom emphasizes the importance of accountability and transparency to ensure investments are put toward proven strategies and that local governments are meeting their goals. This is an exciting proposal and we look forward to seeing how these plans are developed as more details are released to the public.


Our amazing Director of Operations!

I first met Alysha Ali during my junior year at UCSD. We shared a lot in common – we were both transfers, San Diego natives, and hardworking first-generation students wanting to make our parents proud. As we were establishing the MSP Chapter at UCSD, we spent a good amount of time beside one another. In fact, it was pretty common for our friends to refer to us as “mom” and dad” whenever they saw us on campus. MSP has grown so much since we first signed the ASUCSD documents to establish the organization on campus. She was there for the boba fundraisers, waking up at 6:30 am to flyer on campus, the first GBM, the first annual MSP conference, the tears, the laughs, everything.

Alysha is one of the most incredible human beings I have ever met. She’s brilliant, passionate, and will always do what she believes is right, even if it means standing out from the crowd. Because of her, I am a better version of myself. She has always given me compassionate and honest feedback, especially when I needed support the most. It was not easy growing MSP when we were first starting out. I am sure some chapter leaders can resonate with this sentiment. Having Alysha on the team made everything possible, and most importantly, fun and exciting. Thank you, Alysha, for an incredible friendship. I have a lifetime of memories because of you. I am excited for all of the amazing things you will accomplish in your future. There’s no doubt in my mind that you’re set for an adventure. 

~ Martin Arceo, Project Developer

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May 2021: Volunteer Service

Navigator Spotlight

This project is filled with exceedingly dedicated members who are ready to serve and advocate for our neighbors at-risk-of or experiencing homelessness. Our team has done an amazing job mobilizing and making our communities stronger.

Below are of the wonderful efforts some of our VSN’s have accomplished this month:

Barriers to Access Workshop Recap

MSP’s second Spring 2021 community-wide workshop was a great success! Cecily Ma, our Director of Chapter Operations, and Rose Ty, SDSU’s chapter president, led the discussion on the numerous barriers individuals experiencing homelessness face when trying to gain access to vital resources. We invited advocates, homeless services providers, and concerned citizens for a lively and productive discussion. Thank you to everyone who joined and energized many of us to continue our mission combatting homelessness. For those of you who missed it, watch the workshop recording below on our youtube channel to learn more about the barriers to access for individuals experiencing homelessness.

What are Basic Needs for Those Experiencing Homelessness?

Although traditional basic needs include food, water, shelter, and clothing… basic needs for those experiencing homelessness could look much different. Many of these needs include healthcare, insurance, personal care items, transportation, education, sanitation, communication, and more. MSP aims to help individuals experiencing homelessness access these needs with our “Hand-Up, not Hand-Out” philosophy and supporting these individuals navigate barriers through our Volunteer service navigation program and community relief fund.

Thank you to our Supporters!

Above illustrates how impactful everyone’s gracious donations to our Community Relief Fund have been! We cannot do what we do without the support of you all, so thank you for your donation and believing in our mission!


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