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March 2021 Newsletter: "Rise Up" and Join us for our 5th Year of Service!

Join the fight against chronic homelessness!

Thank you to everyone who attended our Prison to Homelessness Pipeline workshop! This workshop featured Guest Speaker and community leader Curtis Howard alongside Antonio Smith, Ed Little, and Robert Forte.

Curtis Howard was born and raised in San Diego. He joined the Crips in the areas of 47th Market Street as a youth, becoming an OG (original gangster) in the San Diego gang world. After spending time in a state prison, including a term of solitary confinement, Curtis began to write, which led to his transitioned mindset. He wrote “That’s Life” in 2012 and published his first book, “Cellmates & Cellouts,” in 2014. He is currently editing his autobiography and is an activist and lead organizer for the San Diego chapter of All of Us or None (AOUON), a known prisoner’s rights organization.

This was truly a night to remember, energizing many of us to continue our mission combating homelessness.

Join Our Spring 2021 Workshops!

During MSP’s second community-wide workshop this spring Cecily Ma, our Director of Chapter Operations, will lead the discussion on the numerous barriers individuals experiencing homelessness face when trying to gain access to vital resources. We are inviting advocates, homeless services providers, and concerned citizens for a lively and productive discussion. All are welcome to listen, share, and learn. Can’t wait to see you all there on April 12, 2021 at 6pm!

Zoom ID: 881 1665 4989

Volunteer Service Navigator Spotlight

This project is filled with exceedingly dedicated members who are ready to serve and advocate for our neighbors at-risk-of or experiencing homelessness. Our team has done an amazing job mobilizing and making our communities stronger.

Below are of the wonderful efforts some of our VSN’s have accomplished this month:

Member Spotlight

One of our members from the SDSU chapter, Arica Aninag, hosted and ran a jog-a-thon fundraiser on March 20th to support the Mustard Seed Project. Many individuals participates by pledging a monetary amount per mile (e.g. $1 per mile) or a flat rate (e.g. a $5 donation) as community relief that is going directly to our clients who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness during this time.

Arica ran a total of 14 miles and raised over $1000 for MSP’s community relief fund. Our wonderful members never cease to impress us with their passion and dedication to this project to help those in need.

University of Oregon Chapter Recruitment

We are so proud to share some incredible news about the growth of our mission! Our newest chapter at the University of Oregon (UO) is officially launching into chapter operations THIS WEEK! Their chapter team is doing such an incredible job preparing for marketing week, where they will be recruiting for CA1s! We are so proud and excited for the UO chapter. To keep up with the UO chapter, follow them on social media!

Instagram: @msp_uo


Please note the days and times of their info nights listed below.

Thank you to our Supporters!

Above illustrates how impactful everyone’s gracious donations to our Community Relief Fund have been! We cannot do what we do without the support of you all, so thank you for your donation and believing in our mission!

Donate to our Community Relief Fund

Warm Regards,

Mustard Seed Project