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Join the fight to end chronic homelessness.

Find out more about homelessness from our latest workshop: 

Homelessness and Women

Our Services


Our chapters are self-sufficient, with our volunteers governing themselves, recruiting students, hosting fundraisers, and educating the public about homelessness. We offer volunteers opportunities in leadership positions, building professional and life-long skills in social services.

Volunteer Service

Volunteer Service Navigators are chosen for their dedication and extensive experience with homelessness. Trained with the tools and best practices to connect homeless individuals to resources and programs, they create person-centered approaches to help our clients achieve their goals. 


College student volunteers go out in groups of five weekly to densely populated areas of homelessness to provide basic necessities such as food, water, and hygienic products. Through this, we establish relationships in the communities that we serve, as well as figure out how we can better help the individuals we meet.

Join Us

Everyday, over 11,000 women, men and children in San Diego and Riverside are living in constant uncertainty of where they will find their next meal or bed.

Our Commitment


Mustard Seed Project’s members are all non-paid volunteers, including our leadership team. We rely solely on the support of the communities that we operate in, with 88% of our revenue coming from donations and gifts. Therefore, we understand the importance of building trust with our supporters. Any and all donations we receive will go directly to either helping our clients or continuing the fight against homelessness